Coinbase IPO! Bitcoin Moon!? Or Hidden Wall St. ATTACK!?

The Great Unknown….that tis, where we are right now with where the Bitcoin price is sitting ... It’s such a big unknown, that even those in some of the driver’s seats have a blindfold, on.. Well let’s.

Take it off and put some visine in it’s about to get clear as day ..., because it’s time for Chico Crypto Well, first let’s talk about the Bitcoin price and, of course, the first episode with my sweet new cut….

pulling out the price chart. The unthinkable was completed & amp BTC broke through $ 20k & amp me, as I man of my word on Wednesday, took to a live stream & amp chopped the hair, which has been growing for over 2 years.

Now I made the “bet” in December 2018 when BTC was at all time low for this cycle, ... of just 3k. I’m. Turning that hair into a wig which I don’t know what I’m going to do with ..., yet ...

, but now it’s time for the beard. ... it’s not getting chopped until BTC reaches 100k. 2021 In 4 years, ... 10 years. NEVER Well. Here we go into the beard unknown, But regarding the unknown ... Brian Armstrong’s tweet, which shook the crypto world only 3 weeks ago, .

.. is starting to ripple once again & amp. This ripple comes from someone very close to Brian and his company Coinbase .... The other pea in the USDC pod. Jeremy Allaire, CEO of Circle. Jeremy, was on a video podcast interview with Messari Crypto yesterday, and he brought it up once again .

.. this time. With more clarity. Let’s watch now…. Yikes G7 ... have made an agreement to lockdown crypto, including self, hosted self custody and hardware wallets and DeFi ..., and they are rolling it out.

, And then he specifically mentioned the secretary Treasury, Steve Mnuchin, Snoochie Boochies…. Here is what Snooch Was coming to do. Now here is what I said on December 9th in this video Coinbase IPO Plan Falling Apart…, Like I said, Mooch and those guys are not friends of cryptocurrency.

.if. They are not in the driver's seat. They will attempt to blow this thing up, as they do not believe in freedom of wealth, they believe in wealth in their pockets, and that is it.. But let’s get back to the g7 Jeremy said they “have an agreement” to do these abysmal regulations.

. Well, that agreement came December 7th when Mnuchin met with the g7and. The press release specifically mentions the need to regulate cryptocurrencies. ... Now remember, brian armstrong’s initial tweet came in late.

November….Those were the first words about this regulations and brian said nothing about the g7 .... Now, after the meeting Jeremy Alliare of Circle, ... tied to the hip with Coinbase, is talking about the exact same thing, but this time mentioning the g7.

This is scary, as the g7 is an allegiance between 7 of the most powerful developed countries ... they meet on a regular basis to discuss how they will all move forward, keeping utter control over their citizens.

Now 1 single day after the g7 met that fateful Day December 7th ... one of the nations France decided to do something. December 8th the block dropped. This article “France is on the verge of imposing mandatory KYC rules for all crypto transactions… Yeah.

In France. They are not only getting stricter with the crypto companies ..., they are getting stricter with the actual transactions. Mandating full KYC for all transactions, even crypto to crypto.. So why is this a very, very interesting move? Well, as you saw from Brians Tweet and Jeremy Alliare’s spoken words, they are going after self, hosted self custodied, cryptocurrency wallets.

, Which includes hardware ones like the biggest name in the hardware, game. Ledger. And guess where Ledger is located Well, according to Ledger’s Wiki ..., none other Than Paris, France, with the production facilities there too….

Isn’t that just convenient ..., timelines. Brian Speaks of self hosted regulations. November 25th December 7th G7 meet to discuss regulations December 8th. The first of the g7 France ... announce incoming regulations which may affect ledger one of the largest providers of hardware wallets.

And just yesterday December 17th, ... Jeremy Allaire is ringing. The self hosted, alarms once again, So what the freaking funk is happening. Could these rocketing markets ... just be those with a clearer view than us knowing the party is almost over and pulling off the last hoorah? Well, let me give you my honest thoughts.

. Yes, they are pulling off a major hoorah .... Just look at the Coinlib stats on Bitcoin trading, USDT vs, USD it’s, ridiculous, close to 60 percent USDT .... Why is this weird? Well, we supposedly have so much more institutional interest and investment aka cash money coming into the system who doesn’t play with USDT compared with the last time we got to the 20k levels 3 years ago, .

.., but look at Coinlib USDT was not dominating. Yet there was no institutional interest then.. Does that make sense? No, it does not….. So a hoorah from whales. Insiders who understand regulations could be coming .

.. it a bleak outlook, right, Tyler, ... the end. If neigh Well I’ll tell you the party isn’t over just yet.. Remember, Jeremy called for a fight and if you go to Brian Armstrong’s twitter, you see there is a FIGHT.

Jeremy sent letters to the treasury. Congressmen writing their oppositions to this and Kathryn Huan former prosecutor for the Silk Road, even supporting the congress member’s opposition letter., Like I said there is a lot of uncertainty, even from those in driver seats, more powerful than you or I….

, Which there would be especially from People like Katie Huan ..., when there is also news circling that goes like this. Trump is considering a pardon for Ross Ulbricht. The creator and face of the silk road .

.. Katie was the one who prosecuted rouge members of the US government tied to the silk road. In 2014., Katie confused Jeremy confused Brian Amrstrong, you confused, I confused Let’s crackdown on crypto on the way out, but let’s Free Ross Ulbricht at the same time, .

.. Sure doesn’t make a lick of sense to me…., But even with the uncertainty, things are moving forward as Planned and this gets into why the party is not over ... Mid day. Yesterday, news broke that Coinbase had announced their IPO after 7 months of silence regarding the topic.

Coinbase officially goes Wall St. and, in my opinion, a dark day for crypto, but not bad. For this RUN. Coinbase was trying to time the markets with their IPO as they want to go, live in the heat of a RUN.

It’s, not coincidental that we break 20k. They announce it ... it’s timing., So the markets are going to “FALL” off a cliff anytime. Soon…, Then, why is this a dark day for crypto? Well, there are no details released regarding this IPO .

.., but I will tell you how it’s going to go. Direct Listing, not the traditional IPO route, which means less hoops. They can do it ASAP. Probably q1. 2021. Direct listing also means no lockups on shares and those who are “investors” can cash out and cash out quick.

. Where will they be listed Well, the place pushing for Direct Listings testing them on the exchange just a couple months ago, ... that is the New York Stock Exchange NYSE…., Who are of course early investors in Coinbase all the way back in 2015, with Kelly Loeffler listed As investment contact below .

.. well ain't that Coinvient Coinbase just bent the knee to Wall St. well. They did back in 2015 by taking money from them ..., but it’s official now.. They could have tokenized themselves and went TRUE crypto .

.., but they went backwards in time and created paper COIN shares., Maybe there’s a bigger play here. I just don’t see ... but I’m gonna go along for the 2021 ride. Cheers I’ll see you next time.